Presenting: The Most Popular Baby Names of All 2019

For some parents, the most difficult challenge of having a newborn is not changing their diapers or rocking them to sleep—it’s naming their baby. Close to a decade ago, Ancestry conducted an independent study that found nearly half of all Americans were named after a family member. But now that couples are possibly putting more emphasis in a name (hey, research shows that your name can determine your success) the sky’s the limit. Especially now, when celebrities’ children are named “Charlie Wolf” and “North,” it seems like even names are dictated by trends. Still, there’s only one way to tell for sure what the most popular names are in any given year. After much anticipation, BabyCenter’s annual report on this year’s most popular baby names has officially been released. 

For over a decade, the most popular girl’s name has been (and still is!) Sophia. On the boy’s list, Liam finally pushed out Jackson after six consecutive years as the most popular name. According to the Atlantic, these names rank high because they have long vowels and smooth consonants. Celebrities and royals also have a hand in their popularity, too. Most notably, Buzzfeed reports that Keanu (meaning “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian) Reeves had a huge impact on the baby name charts as it increased by a whopping 24%. Plus, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also set off a ripple effect when they named their son Archie and not Archibald or Arthur. The nickname sparked other monikers like Cassie, Tori, Izzy, and Ricky. Though, to their chagrin, they’ll probably get this a lot: “Is your name short for something?” 

Now that ‘90s babies are having babies of their own, they’re beckoning us back to the days of “Clueless” and “Friends.” Brittany — which regularly ranked in the top ten girl names throughout the ’90s — saw a 33% increase this year while names like Jonathan, Nicole, Amanda, and Christopher also rose through the ranks. The seven Bachelor couples that had babies this year chose names like Brooks, Hayes, and Ruth, which also experienced a major uptick. Muhammed, which has always been a popular Arabic boy’s name, made the top ten list for the first time. Aaliyah, an Arabic girl’s name, also scored in the top ten. The fastest climbing name, though, would have to be Isla (pronounced “eye-la” FYI). The name rose from 74 in 2018 all the way up to 36 this year!

2019’s Most Popular Boys Names:

2019’s Most Popular Girls Names:

Even with this new data, don’t let the baby charts lists deter you from naming your baby with the name you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. Plus, gender-neutral names are totally worth considering, too.

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