We Will Fight This Royal Rep Who's Scoffing at Meghan Markle's Baby Shower

Tea alert: Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth II’s former press rep, recently tossed some serious shade about Duchess Meghan (nee Markle) and her oh-so American baby-shower ways. And, honestly, we and George Clooney are getting pretty fed up with all this gossip over Meghan’s supposedly “lavish” lifestyle and “bossy” ways. Heck, even Jay-Z and Beyonce have had enough of the vilification of the Duchess of Sussex in the press.

But back to dear Dickie and his stance on Meghan’s baby celebrations: “Baby showers, it’s very much an American thing. We don’t do it here in the U.K.,” Arbiter told Us Weekly. “It was a bit over the top in terms of expense and the way she got there.”

The way she got there? Um, last we checked, she took a damn plane, Dickie Arbiter — one chartered by Amal Clooney, if royal sources are correct: The Sun reported that Meghan “hitched a ride with Amal on [a] private jet.”

“Amal was already flying back and covering all the costs so it made total sense. Amal was more than happy for Meghan to fly back with her and the kids. It’s absolutely not the case that the taxpayers or the royal family paid for the cost of the jet,” said the mystery source. “The flight didn’t cost Meghan a thing.”

The Sun also reported in the same piece that tennis icon Serena Williams was the one who paid the tab for the NYC baby shower.

Take that, Dickie Arbiter. Twitter has taken to calling him out as being part of the racist media assault upon Meghan after he recently suggested that Prince Harry is more “relaxed” when flying solo apart from his wife:

Arbiter was cagey when pressed on rumors that the Duchess of Sussex is being feted with a second shower in England with Prince Harry in attendance. Us recently reported that Duchess Catherine — that’s Kate Middleton to you and us — will be hosting that event (which also seems to disprove rumors that tensions are running high between the two duchess-in-laws).

“There is still going to be some sort of private baby-centric event for Meghan’s U.K. people, and Kate will host. Her glam people and other relatives will be there,” the source for Us spilled. “Not sure if it’s a total ‘shower’ but you could probably call it that.”

Arbiter’s response to that delicious royal tea? “That’s something they have to answer,” Arbiter archly told Us. “Meghan is American and she does things the American way.”

Goodness. Arbiter should be promoted to Duke of the Royal Dissing. Let it hereby stand:

1) Meghan would not have had her NYC shower without prior approval from the Queen and Prince Charles — the royal family is watching its budget too (not to mention the health and well-being of any of its possible heirs to the throne and mothers of such heirs).

2) Kate would throw a second shower for Meghan without the Queen and Prince Charles’ approval. Have you met Kate? No, we haven’t either, but we know the Duchess of Cambridge usually plays by the rules — in beautiful style.

Enough with the Meghan bashing. Hey, it’s not every day you’re a successful-on-your-own, feminist, activist mama-to-be with homes — and friends — on two continents and you’re about to birth a wee bairn into the public eye. Party on, Meghan.

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