Younes Bendjima’s Breakfast Strategy Will Make You Want His Metabolism

Seeing as Younes Bendjima Opens a New Window. is a model, he has a very cut body. While he can definitely thank genetics for most of that, Kourtney Kardashian Opens a New Window. ’s ex-boyfriend also knows the diet tips and fitness tricks that will keep him in amazing shape — and shared them exclusively with Us Weekly.

First up is his breakfast strategy Opens a New Window. . “I have a nice breakfast in the morning,” he told Us at the MĀSK Opens a New Window. CBD | CBG | CBN-INFUSED SKINCARE launch in NYC on Thursday, April 25. “I just eat whatever makes me happy because the first meal you have, by the morning, gives you a long time in the day to burn whatever you ate. So I really don’t pay attention to what I eat during the morning.”

Generally, he craves healthy foods though. “Sometimes I’m going to feel like eggs, avocado and smoked salmon, and some other days I’m just going to have cereals and bananas,” he explained. “It literally really depends on what I [feel] like.”

Bendjima, 25, can do this, he says, because he works out consistently — “I [have worked] out pretty much every day since I was a kid. It’s just in my blood I guess” — and eats whole foods. “I’m really not about fast food, that’s something I don’t like,” he said. “So it’s easy for me to stay in shape since, let’s say, 70 percent of your body results are in the kitchen.”

To that point, the French-born star sticks to a clean and lean diet after his morning meal. “It’s a lot of rice, chicken, veggies, fish,” he said. “I try to have one day during the week to eat just sweet stuff that I like. So I have my cheat day on Friday and that’s about it.”

And when that rolls around, the model — who also told Us he’s ready to get married and have kids Opens a New Window. — is always craving something with sugar. “I’m really a sweets person. It’s really hard for me,” he shared. “Last night, it was not supposed to happen, but I saw this nice cookie at the hotel and I just ate them. I’m really a sweet person. But sweets, to be honest, I’m a really big fan of cookies and all type of chocolates.”

Regardless of chocolate treats, the boxing devotee, who was a little flirty at Kardashian’s 40th birthday Opens a New Window. party, always burns off the calories in the gym. “To be honest I feel like people have a routine, I don’t,” he said of his workout regimen. “I just listen to my body. If I feel like I have to work my cardio today, I’m just going to do it.” His intuitive approach comes from years of experience. “I feel like I’ve worked out so long that I really know when I’m weak for cardio, when I’m weak with weight or when I’m weak with — so it really depends,” he added. “I don’t really plan anything. It’s really how I feel and what I feel like I need to work on day by day.”

Another bonus of his dedication? His mood. Noted Bendjima, “I feel like when I’m cranky, if I go work out then I’m not cranky anymore.”

With reporting by Marc Lupo

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