10% less weight-improves Diabetes

A weight loss can bring in many people with type 2 Diabetes the metabolism back on track. A new study shows that no drastic diets are necessary, patients, and managed, within five years after diagnosis, to reduce your weight by ten percent, have already a good Chance that the disease goes back.

Results of a study by the University of Cambridge show, what are the advantages of a small but permanent weight loss after the diagnosis of type 2 Diabetes: In a study five years after diagnosis had improved the disease in about 30 percent of the study participants. Among those who had lost at least ten percent of your body weight, there were more than twice as many persons as among those whose weight had remained the same. This illustrates the importance of changes in Diet and exercise for diabetics are.

Dr. Hadjira Dambha-Miller of the University of Cambridge, said: "We have known for some time that it is possible, type-2 Diabetes with intensive weight loss programs, and extreme calorie reduction, to stop. These interventions can be for the Individual but very difficult." The results of the study now show that it is also possible to make Diabetes even with a lower weight loss undo. "This is motivating and, for many people, better erreichbar", so Dambha-Miller.

To find out how patients with type 2 Diabetes, the best sustainable weight loss can be, the Team is currently a further study.