A physician explains why you in the Winter, not a daily shower should Video

Hot showers or extensively in a hot bath loll – the most of the sensation in the cold as a blessing. A physician explains why you should, especially in the cold Season, much less showering and bathing.

The Winter is for the skin of the purest Stress. That’s because cooling and heating air to put our largest Organ and dry it. In addition, the self-protection of the skin diminishes when it is cold. Christoph Liebich, dermatologist from Munich: “In the case of outside temperatures below seven degrees, the skin sebum production.” In addition, the blood pull together when it is cold, vessels, so that the skin is worse supplied with blood and nutrients.

As little and as short as possible

Not to stress you in addition, and to avoid inflammation, eczema, and scaly, red or itchy skin, should we adjust our showering habits. The dermatologist advises to make as little and as short as possible under the shower. In addition, the water is not too hot. It is important in Winter to use shower oil instead of shower gel and to maintain the skin afterwards with a rich Lotion, ideally one with urea, which binds water in the skin’s top layer.

The skin care from the inside

An important skin care tip of Liebich also refers to the diet: “in Order to maintain the skin from the inside, you should drink plenty of water and a healthy diet.” So the skin care for sea fish such as mackerel and salmon, for example, optimally with healthy fats and nutrients.