Aluminium trays at a barbecue are a Must – or are they harmful?

This theme is dynamite offers powerful on every barbecue party: Is it unhealthy to put aluminum foil on the Grill and sizzle on the meat? Or Barbecuing with tin foil is not maybe even better, because less ash is coming to the barbecue?

Entirely unjustified, these questions are not. For both camps, there are arguments. Aluminium foil is considered to be a risk to health. It is applied incorrectly, can solve the smallest components from the foil and on the grill move. At the same time aluminum foil serves as a protective barrier, the particles of smoke from the meat, and also cancer-causing substances. We will reveal how you can apply the foil properly and healthy and safe grilling.

Tip 1: Only after the grilling season!

Who puts fish such as salmon or trout on the Grill, without the aluminum foil. Not the fish should be salted or with lemon slices occupied. Salt and acid, aluminum ions dissolve from the film. You to flavor fish, therefore, of the cooking – so you keep the load as low as possible. Also beware of salty sauces, marinades, or acidic fruit such as pineapple. Also tomatoes and salty cheese such as Feta should be wrapped in foil grilled.

Tip 2: meat in aluminium trays roasting

Are sausages and meat on aluminum shells, they burn less quickly. The shells will also prevent the fat dripping into the embers, and so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) form. These substances are carcinogenic. Although can loosen from the shells of aluminum ions and on the food pass. Nevertheless, the Use of grill trays for meat, prevails, it is part of the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR). Their use was “justifiable”. Spiced and salted, should be-but only if the food schmurgelt above the coal.

Tip 3: Alternatives

In addition to the hydrochloric acid problem, aluminium trays and aluminium foil have a further disadvantage: you can not re-use. A good Alternative grill are, therefore, cups made of stainless steel, ceramic, or enamel. They also protect against the carcinogenic and can be used after the Rinse.