At night to the bathroom: Sometimes be a warning sign

Anyone who needs to at night regularly go to the toilet, the often and doesn’t talk about it. However, sometimes the so-called nocturia may indicate how the nocturnal urinary urge called in the jargon, a serious condition that must be treated.

More than 60 percent of the more than 70-Year-old is looking at night more than two Times the toilet, men as well as women. Younger are affected, approximately every fifth to sixth between 20 and 40 years of age, predominantly women. "The pressure for the Affected is often very large, and yet the shame prevails very often, the conversation with the doctor to suchen", Nadja Dörr, a pharmacist at the health insurance company Barmer said. In some cases, medical help is necessary, to avoid worse. "Nocturnal urine a Symptom of a physical disorder is urge, only, the different causes kann&quot have;, so, the pharmacist. Also, the legs are swollen, the Patient is short of breath, weak and tired, it may indicate congestive heart failure. "Even a Diabetes mellitus can put the urge behind nocturnal urinary. The body tries, the excess sugar via the kidneys flush out the Patient will feel more thirst and more frequent to the toilet. In the case of a Diabetes mellitus, has existed for years, can damage also the nerves, the bladder function steuern", so Dörr. For the night urination, disturbances of the renal function, and hormone balance, a change in the bladder muscles, increased blood pressure, and in men, an enlarged prostate, are eligible also.

In addition, various drugs, such as drugs for hypertension, Edema or congestive heart failure, be diuretic. Such medicines should not be taken in the evening, but in the morning, explained the pharmacist.


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