Blind People Are Sharing What They Find Sexually Attractive in a Partner

Blind people are sharing their turn-ons in a discussion on Reddit. The conversation began on Ask Reddit after a user posed: “Blind people of Reddit, what do you find sexually attractive?”

In many cases, blind people said they were attracted to a lot of the same things as everyone else. For instance, one user explained that she finds good hugs and a nice voice essential. “A deep voice that hints at being able to sing, big hands, cologne, ability to give good, strong hugs, soft hair, muscular, but not overly so, easy laughter, the way he touches me (putting his hand on the small of my back in public; things like that),” she writes.

Another commenter said he prefers tall women with smooth skin and “a big ass and thick thighs.”

“Super obsessive over smooth skin after I was traumatized with getting with this truck stop chick who had the worst case of eczema I have ever felt in my entire life,” he wrote.

Understandably, he explained that bad breath is a deal breaker.

Sometimes, it’s just hard to explain what you like about someone. One user said his blind wife can’t communicate why she finds him attractive. However, she did enjoy the poster’s physical strength. “I like feeling the muscles in your arms,” the commenter’s wife said.

And another Redditor admits that while she prefers beards and glasses, sexiness is about more than just physical appearance.

“…It is typical things that both sighted and blind people could say: passion for life, someone who inspires me to be better and get out in the world and challenge myself, someone with a compatible sense of humor to mine. Most importantly, someone who is kind and warm. Also a dog lover. I have a guide dog,” she wrote.

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