Body language is also audible

Also when on the Phone, many people don’t gesticulate, though it is compared To are not present. This is by no means pointless, as US researchers in the journal "PNAS" write, because when people move their hands and arms while Speaking, to take listeners &ndash the true; even if you can’t see the speaker.

During the movement of the arms and hands, pitch and volume of the voice – with a flick of the Wrist just a little, in the case of a movement of the arm a bit more. For the study, three men and women produced the sound of a monotonous ("aaaa"), while they were making various Hand and arm movements. Thirty test persons who listened to the recordings later, you guessed right, only what movements were made, but were able to mimic this, often at the same time. Wim Pouw from the University of Connecticut describes the observations: "The subjects not only the speed of the movement, but they heard where it took place."

Pouw stated that the movements cause vibrations in the body, which are transmitted through the connective tissue in the lung and the pitch of influence. In addition, trunk muscles to maintain balance, when the arms are moved: "If you stop, for example, the movement of your arm, suddenly tense other muscles, to prevent your body falls. These include muscles, maintain balance, the muscles around your lungs. If you hear a voice, you will hear literally aspects of the entire body of a Person."