Briton, threatens to suffocate, and girlfriend is at a loss next to it – then the restaurant chef is

Chania on the Greek holiday island of Crete. A British Couple is eating in a taverna on the Pier in the evening. The young man swallowed a piece of chicken, gets no more air. The Briton, threatens to Suffocate, in a panic, he gasps for air. Every second counts. His girlfriend is clueless, the other guests are unable to cope with the emergency situation. Fortunately, restaurant owners, Vassilis Patelakis noticed the emergency. He grabs the young Brit from behind and applies the Heimlich maneuver. Due to the Overpressure of the piece is thrown chicken out of the belly of the tourists. The Video Patelakis informed at the end of may in Facebook. In a few days it was viewed over 200,000 Times. The Clip the restaurant owner wants to make on the importance of First aid knowledge carefully. Because without Patelakis quick Intervention, would have threatened the young British death by suffocation.