Burnout: men do not suffer more, until – as you pull the brake

If men suffer from Burnout, they are faced with a Problem: Because Doctors make the diagnosis in male patients is rare. Accordingly, men are treated with Burnout often incorrectly or not at all. What are the first signs men should look out for and what helps you to prevent Burnout.

For years it was said that especially women are vulnerable to develop Burnout. They are particularly charged, often due to family and work double. The latest Figures show that in men, the absenteeism increase due to mental disorders such as Burnout and you have overtaken women even. “Burnout is diagnosed in men still under,” says Frank Sommer, andrologist and President of the German society for men and health (DGMG).

Test shows: doctor evaluated men are stricter than women

In a study he led for the DGMG, went four actors (two men and two women) to several Doctors and complained about the same (eintrainierten) symptoms of Burnout and Depression. “The Actresses have been three times as often, the diagnosis of Burnout or Depression and appropriate therapy is offered as for the male, by the way, regardless of whether it was a Doctor, or a doctor,” says the world’s only doctor of the University Professor for men’s health.

The men were mostly advised only to pull themselves together and make maybe a vacation. In reality, Burnout occurs in men much more frequently than the approximately two percent, which will be officially given.

Burnout risk is not always depends on working hours

Causes for the increase in Burnout diagnoses are about the Around-the-clock accessibility, the still, some companies expect of their employees, coupled with constant, often increasing power jerk and the corresponding Stress.

“At risk are men, if there are stringent requirements and do not make fun of,” says Frank Sommer. So, it is not possible to feel, in spite of an 18-hour day be overwhelmed because the work is fun. On the other hand, can already lead to four hours a day in a Burnout if the work sucks, absolutely, and the atmosphere is poisoned with the colleagues, or the relationship with the Executive.

Men mask Burnout often

However, men ignore the problems that affect them, whether psychological or physical in nature. At the start of a Burnout, many are trying to whitewash the crisis through aggressiveness or increased alcohol consumption, others to try, the Stress due to risky behavior such as fast driving a car to steer, literally, in another direction, declares the summer.

However, these Attempts reinforce the short or long term, only the problem until it just goes. Insomnia and not get up in the morning, or total exhaustion are typical signs. “If left untreated, Burnout leads to a deep Depression,” warns the andrologist. The treatment lasts usually for many months, in addition to behavior therapy, medications often come at the beginning.

The first signs of Burnout

As far as the Patient should, however, not to come and already on the early symptoms of a burnout. “The first indication may be, for example, when I Wake up in the morning and no desire to have any more work to – and if to me to the question, what would I have instead of Lust, nothing more comes to mind,” says Frank Sommer. If this condition lasts for several weeks, there is the urgent suspicion of a Burnout.

Other symptoms in men can be:

– Lack of strength

– Poor performance

– Loss of Libido, erection problems

Treatment of Burnout

Contact the family doctor will then refer if necessary to a psychologist or to a specialist colleague. The therapy of burnout consists of various components, medicines should not be give to patients only if there is no other way. “Burnout, I prefer, personally, mental Training, psychological strengthening, and relaxation training such as Yoga and progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson,” recommends Frank summer.

Respond in a timely manner, and Burnout prevention

When a man realizes that Overloading and negative Stress, fatigue beyond measure and in a Burnout, as he can then pull the emergency brake? In many companies, the guidance requires that 50 hours of work a week is the rule and the staff are the best around-the-clock.

“The changes now, thank God,” says the Professor of men’s health. Some patients report that some of the companies have between 18 PM and 8 PM, not company-internal Mails and avoid phone calls this time. There is, therefore, entrepreneurs who recognize this problem and do something for the health of the employees want to do, even feel responsible.

Sports plus relaxation

In addition, some companies offer courses for the mental and physical health of their employees – for example, relaxation techniques, nutritional advice and Sport. In this connection, in the circle of colleagues, it is for men that is most easily to do something for yourself. Of course, men can organize themselves. “The lunch break together with a few colleagues for a walk, can already be Burnout prevention, if you do this several times a week,” says Frank Sommer.

In General, a healthy lifestyle can protect against Burnout. This is, quite simply, is to walk daily in the fresh air, heat and cold to some, visual stimuli from nature. Who drives twice a week, some sports and strength training – it doesn’t have to be a marathon – doing the Best for the body and the Psyche. And, of course, the spiritual well-being must not be too short, therefore for relaxation breaks.

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