Cancer help ban E-cigarette advertising calls

According to the doctors ‘ President, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the German cancer aid calls for a comprehensive ban on advertising for tobacco, E-cigarettes and tobacco heaters. Germany is in the advertising, Europe banned far a “shameful conclusion of the light,” said the Chairman of the Board Gerd Nettekoven, the “New osnabrück newspaper”.

In contrast to most other countries, may walls in Germany, both on the poster as well as after 18 hours in cinemas for tobacco to be advertised.

This should be abolished, as well as advertising for tobacco heater and E-cigarettes, calls Nettekoven. “Even if these products are in comparison to tobacco smoke, low level of pollutant emissions, they mean for their consumers, nevertheless a health hazard.” Especially for young people and non-smokers could be affected by you in nicotine dependence.

“Preposterous, to advertise for E-cigarettes”

The Union had for years blocked a General prohibition of tobacco advertising in Germany and, most recently, Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), however, for a cigarette advertising ban. He wanted to work to ensure that tobacco winds advertising soon also of German roads, said the Minister of health of the MIRROR.

Open, however, whether the General should apply the prohibition of advertising for traditional tobacco products or E-cigarette. Doctors President Montgomery had called on the Grand coalition, recently, to summarize, finally, decisions: a need for an advertising ban on all Smoking products.

It would be an absurdity, when the industry was about to advertise for E-cigarettes, said Montgomery, the “Hanover General”. According to the article, there are efforts in the Grand coalition, E-cigarettes from the ban to exclude. Even today, tobacco companies use a large part of your advertising budget on the steamer instead of classic cigarettes.

France: € 8.80 for a pack of

In addition to a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, calls for the cancer aid in addition to increase the tobacco tax on a regular basis. As an example, Nettekoven called France, where Smoking is currently € 8.80 for a pack of cigarettes to pay.

Tobacco use costs lives and billions of dollars, the public will pay a high price, justified Nettekoven of the initiative. “The tobacco-related costs nationwide each year at least 80 billion to Euro 25.4 billion euros incurred by the health system, to 53.7 billion Euro are for the loss of production and early retirement.”

In Germany, approximately 85,000 cases of cancer declined in 2018 on tobacco consumption significantly more than an unhealthy diet, Obesity or lack of exercise.