Children’s doctors criticize: day care centers send children out of fear of Corona to home quickly

The needs of parents and day-care centres differ in corona, times sometimes: If the parents are not able to give your child in the care, threatens Trouble with the employer. The nursery-lines, in turn, want to act, however, as careful as necessary to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the staff. The result: in Many places, parents and children, doctors complain enough to their children for trivial reasons – a single Sneeze or a sniff of the nose – will need to pick up and the Small back only with a Health certificate.


Hendrik Streeck: “I think the danger, to get me through children Covid-19 home, for the low”

For example, Jacob’s mask, the Berlin-based spokesman for the professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ), in a “world”-Interview of parents reported that in his practice popping up and a health certificate ask, because the young would otherwise not back in the facility should. “We explain to the parents that the medical is complete nonsense, in the case of rhinitis see a doctor,” says mask, and points out that the requirement of a health certificate grater according to the infection protection act, only in case of really serious diseases proposals, including Hepatitis A and E, Borken, ringworm, scabies, Cholera, or typhoid would. In the meantime, the Berlin Senate has released a handout stating that for the recovery of a child in the Kita no certificate is required.

Children’s doctors are worried prior to the infection period in the autumn

In the Rest of the Republic it looks similar. The star asked for any further BVKJ-speakers, and the confirmed, the majority of the statements and assessments of their colleagues from the capital.

The Tenor:

Erwin Ackermann, BVKJ-speaker in the land Association of North Rhine, divides, for example, with: “We are experiencing exactly the same issues, Concerns and dissatisfactions of the parents, and the same uncertainty for the teachers. Even with us children on a large scale to be sent due to the trifles of the nursery home.”

A concerted exchange with the day-care centres do not admit it, many of the other respondents ‘ reports. After all, you’ve achieved in conjunction with the state government in NRW, a regulation that allows a health Declaration by the parents after 48 hours. Such a scheme would his colleague Dominik Ewald for Bayern also your choice. He also reported a number of cases in which children were sent in due to a sniff of the nose or a cold to the house and then need to be tested. “Normally, these two days to stay home, then you can get back in the nursery. Now, you must to us in the practices”. Until the Test result two days in which the child can not work in the nursery and a parent might pass away then.

Children doctors rely on statements of the parents

His Saxon speaker-Mrs Melanie Ahaus, a children’s doctor from Leipzig, and white children, the sent home because they were coughing, had. The parents would be desperate in practice, and a healthy case require. But, says the Physician: “It remains the responsibility of the parents to decide whether or not your child is healthy or sick. The pediatrician sees the child usually only for a few minutes and is anyway dependent on the evaluation and statements of the parents.” A healthy case is completely nonsensical, because the pediatrician could not know whether the child the next day, if it is to be back in the institution, is still alive or not even in practice or on the way with a pathogen newly got infected. And: The treatment of otherwise healthy children, the cost of time, which could be absent in patients who really need the help.

Parents should by law be relieved

The parents, in turn, could be due to a change in the law to be relieved, stimulates Till Reckert, a children’s doctor in Reutlingen, Germany, and spokesperson of the regional Association of Baden-Württemberg, in. Currently, the law provides for the social book for parents a total of 20 paid sick days for each child. This could be amended, for example, to the effect that in pandemic, times of the national scope of the claim times the triple, he proposes. Otherwise, as is Michael Achenbach from the BVKJ-country Association of Westphalia-Lippe to bear in mind, consume the parents for the summer, all child sick days if necessary, but later in the infection period in autumn and Winter, a lot of urgent need would. Then only have the option to take unpaid leave remains in doubt. “We see with great concern the direction of autumn”, the Saarland and spokesman, and a children’s doctor Benedict Brixius from nine churches. Because: In the autumn the cold season begins. Brixius warns: “this rule Remains, so will be able to go from October to April, no longer a child in the Kindergarten”.

The desire: More belonging to the responsible

The physicians rely on the exchange with the centres and the policy to handle the Situation as best as possible. They are actively seeking the contact and to provide information. The national, from the RKI, defined test strategy, many of them critical. The recommendation is to make any Form of respiratory complaints, a Corona Test. “This is difficult, because children are constantly sick,” says Reckert. In addition, the necessary trade-off for the children was extremely uncomfortable and a negative Test does not exclude the possibility of a disorder in addition. His Bremen colleague Torsten Spranger agrees with: The bring a gain in knowledge, such as in Bavaria promised testing by Anyone. On the other hand, each child with serious respiratory ailments such as pneumonia, or taste disorders in the individual case should get a Test. Important: “We need to be allowed to to the infection of the season in the fall and Winter in our practices re-structured to any Form of disease and care of developmental focus, rather than being presented with certificates and a healthy write-offs of employees.”

In addition, the children’s doctors want for the elaboration of practical solutions for hearing from the responsible persons from politics and science, such as the Robert Koch Institute. You stand as a medical specialist on site in the first Phalanx in fighting infection, but I will not asked the question on the right strategy, the criticism summarized. The charge had worked, however, often only in research, but never in practice.

The Renaissance children’s doctor, Steffen Büchner, BVKJ-speaker for the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, says: “We can by plugged-in environment and leading test-for really sick children and help, until then, undiscovered outbreaks early recognition of and in Conjunction with the public health service to curb, without a patient’s current of practically healthy children to choke.”

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