Coronavirus: a vaccine in record time?

Scientists from four countries in an ambitious project of new technologies to develop soon a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus. A coalition for innovation to prepare for epidemics financed the million-dollar project, and calls for the submission of further proposals.

Normally, the development of a vaccine takes years and requires try a lengthy procedure from animal, human clinical trials and regulatory approvals.

A coalition for innovation to prepare for epidemics (CEPI) is promoting four teams of experts for a faster development. "It is a high-pressure situation, and it is much of the weight is on uns", Dr. Keith Chappell said of the University in Queensland, Australia. It is the Knowledge that several Teams are working around the world on the same Mission calms: "The hope is that one will be successful and this outbreak can be contained."

Coronavirus spreads very quickly

With the help of new technologies it is hoped to start in just 16 weeks, with clinical Tests. Also companies and research institutions from Germany, the USA, France and China are working feverishly with different strategies to develop a vaccine.

As long as there is no vaccine against the Coronavirus, try some Doctors treatment with anti-retroviral drugs and the flu. However, it is uncertain whether these strategies are effective. The novel Coronavirus, has spread since its emergence at the end of last year, rapidly in China, and more than 1,000 people were killed and over 40,000 infected. In two dozen countries, more cases were reported. A real-time map of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the Johns Hopkins University in the USA shows how the disease is spreading worldwide.


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