Dealing with Corona-crisis: Germany is the first country in Europe, in the world only one country is better

You can see in the Video: dealing with Corona-crisis – Germany is the first country in Europe, worldwide in second place.

Germany is according to an analysis by a British think tank in the Corona, with the crisis in the safest country in Europe.

Worldwide, the Federal Republic of Germany is according to a comparison of the Deep Knowledge Group in second place. Only Israel comes off better.

The think-tank with headquarters in London and Hong Kong examined continuous data from different States. Otherwise, not a single country of Europe is among the Top 10.

The results of the news magazine “Spiegel reported on Tuesday”.

In an Interview with the magazine of the founders of the think tank, Dimitry, Kaminsky said that Germany, given its highly Infectious, is a very efficient was and a further spread of the disease have stopped. Thus, Germany will have after the pandemic, significant economic benefits.

In statistics, inter alia, measures such as output restriction are