Eat, time of day, weather: these are the most risky moments of a heart attack – Video

Each year, over 280,000 women and men in Germany have a heart attack, and 60,000 of them survive him. The fatal heart attack in certain moments very often.

Cardiologists have noted it time and again: An overloaded or already damaged heart to certain times of Day, weather conditions and life situations, especially to quickly.

1. After fat food: studies have been some years ago shown that a lush, high-fat meal, the risk quadrupled within the next two hours of a heart attack to suffer. People with hardening of the arteries are particularly at risk. Then, it is sufficient that the digestive process, heartbeat and raise blood pressure. Another explanation would be that fatty acids from the food pass into the bloodstream and coronary arteries clog.

2. Early in the Morning: The most sudden and fatal heart attacks happen in the early hours of the morning. This is due to the fact that the blood pressure rises significantly, and at the same time, the blood vessels to 40 percent less elastic than later in the day. A further explanation: in the rhythm of the inner clock fluctuating factor Klf15, which is important for the electrical stability of the heart. Both a shortage and a Surplus of mess up the rhythm of the heart.

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3. In cold weather: a bit Different, make a quick change in the weather of the heart a little. A heart attack risk rather cold, because the vessels together. The vessels are calcified already, it can collapse the heart.