Eczema: Helps in the future, a pill against the excruciating itching?

Anyone who suffers from eczema, in a vicious circle. On the skin, atopic eczema, sore, and in part scaly Spots and inflammation, and cause an agonizing, itching. Scratching is only short-term relief gives. Since the skin is damaged, in addition, comes back the itching often stronger than before.

Many aspects of the disease are doctors still puzzling, such as the Bonner Professor Thomas Bieber in an interview with the star says (The entire Interview can be found here). There is still more sketchy as the final Knowledge, the disease will surprise the experts, cal.

It does not give a trigger to the disease is emerging and the course, depending on the Patient may be different. For years, it would have been in the research as well as in the development of new drugs also a a standstill. Since some years there is, however, a new dynamic, a whole series of new drugs currently being tested.

New active ingredient against eczema relieves the itching

So also in lower Saxony, Germany: researchers at the Hannover Medical school (MHH) have been working since several years together with colleagues from the Stiftung tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover on a new therapy approach. This is for the first time, been successfully tested on 98 atopic dermatitis patients. “After eight weeks, the proportion of diseased skin such as redness, blisters, and scratch marks to the half-reduced”, according to the MHH on your website. The results of the study have also been published in the renowned journal “Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology”.

The new active ingredient can be taken according to the researchers, as a tablet, it is a “histamine-4-Receptor-Blocker”. He interrupt the inflammatory process and prevent the itching responsible neurotransmitter histamine may contribute to the corresponding receptors on the skin cells. The nagging itch is reduced.


“There are no side effects have been observed on the administration of the drug can be traced back”, it is part of the MHH. Currently, a larger international study with approximately 400 patients, “the optimal dosage to find out of this drug start with the participation of the Teams from Hanover”.

The drug should reach the market maturity, it is likely to mean a significant relief for the estimated four million Affected by eczema in Germany.

Sources: Hannover Medical school (MHH), “Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology”

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In the vicious circle of itching and Scratching

People with eczema itches it constantly, be redeemed for you only if you scratch. However, nothing is better – the torment remains. In Germany, about four million suffering from the itching.