Finnish good noses: dogs can smell Covid-19

At the University of Helsinki, dogs that are trained to identify certain diseases by the smell that the urine samples of patients with Covid-19 trained. This task is not learned, the dogs very quickly, but they mastered and even better than many of the currently on the market Tests.

Trained dogs could detect various types of cancer by smell, have been trained by researchers from the veterinary and human medical faculties of the University of Helsinki to distinguish urine samples from Covid – 19-patients from those of healthy persons. "It was fantastic to see how quickly the dogs to the new smell reagierten", the head of the DogRiskgroup Anna Hielm-Björkman said. The preliminary Tests also showed that the dogs reacted even more sensitive than many current Covid-19-Tests based on molecular techniques.

The researchers are collecting more patient samples, in order to verify your initial observations, and to further the dogs training. You also want to clarify, what are you able to discover just the dogs in the patient samples and how long the smell lasts after the expiry of the infection. In addition, the dogs must show whether they are able to distinguish patients with Covid-19 people with other respiratory diseases.

Such trained Covid-19-dogs are so versatile, to avoid, for example, for the identification of infected individuals in nursing or retirement homes, airports, and borders, or unnecessary quarantines.