Gesnder Live: Trgerische Cosiness

„Hyggelig“ it’s supposed to be home. But who thinks of Setting up his apartment to the pollutants in the interior?

Caution: Sometimes, dümost new Möthe furniture and carpets pollutants from

It seems as wäthe people-and nowhere more so glühappy as in DäDenmark. In the World Happiness Report of the UN, the &shy show;Dänen regelmäßig one of the first three Plätze – Germany will never make it among the Top 10 of the glühappy most Lä.

The Hygge-Hype

We believe that the secret recipe of the Dänen läto have the ngst recognized: they know how to hyggelig. And Hygge is "a Lebensgefühl, just glühappy macht". So &shy writes it;at least Meik Wiking, the ­Kopen­Hagen Institute für Glücksforschung directs, in his book, the längst’s a best-seller – probably because it’s doing so well on the sofa table.

Hygge means nothing else than Gemü- materiality. And the &shy can;actually not so difficult: a little bit of schöner of Living and candlelight?

Rüretreat to the Cosy

Hygge, we want to German. Since last summer, we even have a magazine, so heißt, and between Architectural Digest and Schöner Wohnen’s incorporation into the seemingly infinite list of living and decoration magazines, which you can buy at the Kiosk. Inspirations für more Gemümateriality are important to us. Similarly, &shy candles: ;we do not reach the Per capita consumption of Dätion of 4.3 kg in the year 2016. According to europä­ischem candle Association you came here after all, to 2.4 pounds per Person – And the trend is rising.

Because of the Trend, it is home schöto make n, is not new. Before Hygge hieß he Cocooning. So ­the American trend researcher Faith Popcorn described in the 1980s, the Phänoun, verstärkt in front of the Außworld in the own four Wände’s – like in a cocoon. Many feel the climate of the world since then, as still käolder and more threatening. The desire to home gemüto make a number of occasions, is still größhe can become.

Beware of pollutants!

Natüof course, no vern&uuml believes;future man, that he with a comfortable home, the world draußen a StüArnold better k&ouml make;could. What most do not, but note: The world as you do indoors with a new, cosy corners, candles and knick-knacks, not any better but maybe even worse. Because depending on what you plan to bring into the house, get a bunch of pollutants.

Pollutant-monster in the apartment


Sofa frames are often made of chipboard – the Holzspäne and glue, solid zusammengedrückt. The adhesives contain formaldehyde, which ausdümost can and in a high concentration as a carcinogen. "The reference values in Germany are very strict. The fear of developing a disease, only because of the Sofas to cancer, is unbegründet", soothes Wiesmüller. "Sensitive people köcan, however, in small Rätrees, with a großen quantity of chipboard irritation to eyes, skin and respiratory equip, due to suffer, if you don’t sufficiently lüshops."

Fireplace and candles

Kaminöfen produce fine dust with very small particles, which penetrate deep into the lungs, Entzümaking reactions auslösen, and even the genetic material schäwalk-in köcan, shows a study in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology. And even candles are not: If you burn, be different gesundheitsgefährdende substances are released. Contained, paints and coatings and fragrances köcan be of concern. Best man pays attention to high quality products with RAL-Güsustainable building certificate was launched, or the ” Bio ” Label, and prefer individual accents, instead of a sea of flames and Ruß and pollutants.

Wall color

Wall colors with Lösolvents often contain so-called aromatic hydrocarbon compounds such as benzene, xylene or toluene. "Benzene is considered to be clearly krebsauslötransmitting substance, and is therefore in the colors to a Minimum reduziert", erklärt Wiesmüller. Although this leichtfl&uuml smell;volatile Compounds, however only in the first six to eight weeks. Natural products köan Alternative can be, however, you have a hook, so the expert: "Natünatural Lösolvents, such as terpenes, are fäwrongly way, as the health of the less critical eingeschätzt. You düthe most beautiful -for a relatively long time, have an allergenic potential and smell." Natüof course &ndash is always positive valued, -chemically always negative; it’s not that easy unfortunately …

Potted plants

Grünpflanzen make gemüobviously, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and humidify the air – so top fürs room air. The much-quoted "Clean Air Study" NASA came in 1989, even to the conclusion, that plants the concentration of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other pollutants in closed Rätrees reduce. "Plants, however, are not Luftreinigungsmaschinen", provides Wiesmüller correctly. "So many Gewälevel as nötig wäto achieve this effect, do not fit even in an apartment." He even warns against too much Grünzeug. "If the interior überfrachtet, has a source of Moisture and under Umstäquickly a tropical climate. In addition, potting soil is – often stästronger than hydroponics – anfäcompletely für mold infestation." Both mühave to be maintained, therefore, The earth must not become wet, and the water in the cultures you have to regelmäßig is not exchange, in order for the fungi to multiply.

Real wood

Solid wood is natüof course, and therefore, harmless? This applies only if it is not with gesundheitsschäsouthern resources was treated. The wood preservative Pentachlorophenol (PCP), for example, is prohibited in Germany since 1989, after it was found that people in PCP-contaminated dwellings -typical symptoms such as shortness of breath, headache, and decreased Konzentrationsfäability suffered. "PCP is allowed here, neither produced, nor eingefüor be applied hrt. This prohibition does not apply but in all Ländern", expert Wiesm&uuml warns;ller. If you Möbelstücke ordered from abroad or from a long-distance trip brings, it may be that they are contaminated with PCP or other harmful wood preservatives.


Carpets have häoften a Rüback made of Soft PVC. -"These plasticizers düthe most beautiful continuously aus", Manuel Fern&aacute says;ndez. "The advantage of old carpets: Here, the pollutants are often ausgedünstet." In addition to the health he sees the Problem of sustainability: "The stuff is ünot hard at all Recycling fähig. It is located at some point in the environment, or is burned – with all the Schadstoffen", the chemicals expert says. He rät to look for when buying a new to the fact that no Soft-PVC has been processed: "The plastic PVC is marked with a triangle and the number three in it."


"In new solid gedäseamlessly Integra ng Häusers is the exchange of air is low, and the pollutants köcan be in the air in the room greatly anreichern", Manuel Fern&aacute says;ndez from the FEDERAL government. "Since it is particularly important to lüshops." So, not a tilted window, but a couple of times a day für ungefähr füfive minutes of krästrong Stoßlüshops. "Who is a busy Straße lives, should, however, be careful not to to lüshops, otherwise you can get your car emissions einschließaddresses fine dust from the Straße to the Haus", so Wiesmüller.


Crucial in the Wallpaper Material: paper Wallpaper is made from wood / pulp and waste paper. "You can regulate the humidity in the room and the room climate will improve. Woodchip Wallpaper is hauptsämainly from recycled paper and is environmentally-friendly. Different non-woven Wallpaper: it has the advantage that it is easier to process, however, it is made of special pulp and polyester fibers, which are fixed with polymer binders. In the best case should be a non-woven fiber Wallpaper only from pure fleece, so neither PVC nor äsimilar geschäumte plastics. In the Realität are, however, most of the non-woven Wallpaper with plasticizers and other pollutants, says Öko-Test.

Flame retardants

Sofas are – just like mattresses or carpets – häoften with flame retardants treated. The Federal environment Agency warns: "In addition to the positive feature of fire protection, a number of flame retardants, however, problematic environmental and health properties." So-called halogenated flame retardants are, therefore, particularly gesundheitsgefädangerous. "From our point of view, flame retardants in Sofas no Sinn", Manuel Fern&aacute says;ndez from the FEDERAL government: "Because if there is a fire in the apartment, the Sofa &ndash burns; the köcan’t stop the flame retardants. The heißt, these toxic chemicals with burning, and there are zusäadditional pollutants, which will make the Whole worse." Although there is in Germany more and more manufacturers on the toxic substances waive – "in a number of Lächange is a flame retardant but legally vorgeschrieben", according to the expert. Pay attention to the Blue angel or the "Öco-Tex" für textiles.

"In the case of air pollution, we think about car exhaust gases or the smoke of factories. But there are also a number of other pollutant sources, the Luftqualität beeinträmighty. Many of them are to be found in homes and Büros" according to Professor Prashant Kumar of the University of Surrey (England). "Of Kochrückstäthe über, paints and coatings, and fungal spores – the air we breathe indoors is often even stämore polluted than the air draußen."

Müvitality, headaches, reduced concentration

Can make Hygge, therefore, even sick? "Really sick, to the ­To take an example in the sense of a serious Lung condition or cancer – what many befüfear –, can’t make the device alone. There’s a lot of plays purely as a precise cause-and-effect ­Mechanism find könnte", erklärt Professor Gerhard Wiesmüller, head of the Department of infectious and environmental hygiene of the health Department of the city of Köln. "But Befindlichkeitsstöin the same way as irritated Schleimhäute, headache, concentration difficulties, or erhöhte Müspeed köcan in some Fäcases have to do with how to set up."

Important Cocooning, its cocoon regelm&auml is;ßig öopen and plenty of fresh air in and pollutants out of lässt. And ­natüof course, you can sch&uuml new pollutants;etching, by stäcompletely New purchases. Then Hygge but only makes half as much Spaß. A flea market offers a great Möof urgency, Möto buy bel, the ­a Großpart of the pollutants ausgedünstet. If it’s supposed to be something New: On ­Güsustainable building certificate was launched.

Values G&uuml Recommend;sustainable building certificate was launched

"The blue angel is particularly grüof course, but also the LGA ­tested Prüfzeichen from TÜV has limits für, the best-known pollutants, which is significantly below the legal limit liegen", Manuel Fern&aacute says;ndez, of the Federal für environment and nature conservation Germany (BUND) für chemicals policy zustäfully. The legal Vor­gave n&auml rich, in his opinion,;namely, low-emission and gesundheitsverträdaily ­Möto guarantee bel. "­Vörandom pollutant freedom but also with the Gütesiegeln not reach."

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