It is in the case of alcohol-on the order?

"Beer on wine, let that be, wine on beer, I advise you." Such people, you hear words of wisdom often. Scientists have devoted themselves to the question of in which order the hangover the next day is worse and came to the conclusion that it is completely irrelevant: It depends on the amount of alcohol drunk.

Between the three groups, were taken for scientific purposes, larger amounts of beer and wine in a different order, were found the next day, no differences. The only deviation among the participants was that women suffered from something more under your hangover as for men.

"In the case of white wine and lager, we found no confirmation of the fact that Drinking beer before wine brings a milder hangover than Vice versa. The truth is that Drinking too much alcohol is likely to be a hangover führt", Jöran Köchling of the University of Witten/Herdecke says.

90 Volunteers between the ages of 19 and 40 years were divided into three groups and were allowed to look in favour of science deep into the glass: The first group drank a good Liter of beer and four glasses of wine. The second group drank these drinks, but in reverse order. The participants of the control group drank either beer or wine. All rated you Are at the end of the drinking binge and the next day in regular intervals on a "Hangover-Skala" from 0 to 56. A week later, the experiment was repeated, the groups were exchanged and the participants of the control group took the other drink.

A hangover after excessive alcohol consumption when the alcohol concentration in the blood decreases again. Not only the quantity, but also of the other components of the alcoholic beverage, the extent of the symptoms depends on why about Bourbon of many worse tolerated than vodka. Real antidote to it, though there are also a lot of folk wisdom circulating.