Jens Spahn on Twitter advice on cancer-prevention – and makes many people angry

Jens Spahn is a politician, the social media intensively. Around the world cancer day, he was particularly busy, with his releases on the subject, however, a lot of people. First, he announced that the cancer was in ten to twenty years can be cured, as claimed by Israeli scientists. In the second Tweet he gave tips in the “personal battle against cancer”: “Not (or no longer) Smoking, more exercise, a healthy diet and the skin from UV-radiation (sun cream),” wrote Spahn.

In particular, for his advice the Minister is being criticized on the net sniper. Because Smoking and UV radiation increase the risk of developing cancer, regardless of Lifestyle, no one is immune.

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Jens Spahn has apologized

Accordingly, were the reactions of: starcolumnist Micky beisenherz wrote on behalf of many others: “Several Dead in the circle of friends prove that cancer can happen at any time. Unlike stupid Tweets. However, you can protect yourself.” Another User pointed out to Spahn to the fact that children get cancer: “When I had cancer, I was 13, non-Smoking, ran the 1,000 meters in under 3:30 and ate regularly in a healthy, rural youth and so on. True, should have done more.”

Spahn has now responded to the criticism and apologized: “I’m sorry if my Tweet was misleading. Nothing is more distant to me than to give the Patients complicity or to trivialize cancer. On the contrary, We should try to reduce due to more prevention, earlier, earlier detection, better therapies, a heavy burden of sorrow,” he wrote on Twitter.