Licked by the dog: man with a fever to the hospital two weeks later, he is dead

Short of breath, with a 39 degree fever and small skin hemorrhages in the face of a man in a Bremen hospital. The doctors, the 63-Year-old initially stationary, later, they move him to the intensive care unit. However, his condition is deteriorating rapidly. After 16 days, he is dead – died apparently from the effects of a bacteria infection, which came over the saliva of his own dog into his body.

Has been described in the extremely rare case now in the “European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine”, in short EJCRIM.

For dog owners there is hardly anything more Beautiful than the animals romp around in the morning to take it in the Arm, to stroke his fur or him just nah. As a special proof of Love is when the dog abschleckt be master or mistress of the tongue. This seems to be a 63-Year-old in Bremen to be fatal to become. Two weeks Doctors fought in the Red cross hospital to the man’s life. In vain.

Antibiotics are ineffective, laboratory test helps

Difficult Diagnosis

Patient complains of pain in the joints Doctors puzzles long, and are then surprised

He had no pre-existing conditions, write to the doctors in their report in the EJCRIM. Accordingly, they noted at the first examination, in addition to the skin, hemorrhages in the face first, bruising on the legs. In addition, the Patient had pain over the muscle and severe pain in the right leg, and complained. Open wounds, the Doctors discovered, according to their own information. The man was bitten by his pet so. Also for a possible outbreak of meningitis, there were no signs. To a bacterial infection by streptococci, staphylococci or flu virus, the Doctors put counter on a Cocktail of specific antibiotics. Including one that is used in dogs transmitted, so-called Because of the disease.

However, not a means to beat. Instead, intensive treatment made by the medical team after just 30 hours of the major organs of man. As a result of a Bowel obstruction failed kidney and liver. After a circulatory collapse, the Patient had to be reanimated. Meanwhile, his brain had been damaged. After four days, the result of a laboratory investigation came to the doctors to help. The analysis had shown that the Patient with Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a rod-shaped bacteria, infected.

Not a bite, not a disease: the death of the man’s enigmatic

The bacterium is normally found in the mouth flora of dogs and cats at home. According to the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) can have a human infection serious, even fatal consequences. Known risk factors are, therefore, among other things, chronic alcohol consumption, a weakened immune system and malfunctions of the spleen. According to RKI, up to 31 percent of the patients die with this kind of pre-existing conditions – and only if they have been bitten. The man in Bremen belonged to none of these at-risk groups – also he was not bitten. Even more enigmatic is why his organs after 16 days in the hospital failed and he did not survive the infection. There is now a reference to the fact that already a low concentration of Capnocytophaga canimorsus to a Sept can lead to systemic shock regardless of the health condition of the Infected, explain the Doctors.

Dog owners enter finally, an important Council. Anyone who breathes in addition to flu-like symptoms, such as fever, hard, and skin bleeding, should immediately consult a doctor. It is crucial then, that until the final diagnosis quickly, with a Penicillin and Beta-Lactamase inhibitors is discussed.

Sources: “European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine”; Robert-Koch-Institute

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