Lip care made easy: these are the most important Basics

The skin on the lips is extremely thin and therefore responds much more sensitive to dry air, heat and cold. You will be deprived of too much moisture, it can break down quickly or fraying – this not only looks ugly, but is a painful process. Apart from that, bacteria have then an easy game, if your lips are not properly protected. The more important is the regular lip care with the right products, because what many do not know: Many of the over-the-counter lip balms are the reason for dry lips. Why this is so and what the (house)agent to help relieve chapped lips and to prevent them, is explained in this article.

Therefore, conventional lip care are not pins well

For the production of conventional Lip balms are often inexpensive paraffin oil (Paraffinum Liquidum or Petrolatum) is used, i.e., refined crude oil, the skin tends to dry out rather than you to maintain. They say the more frequent resort to the stylus, in order to provide your dry lips with moisture, the drier you will be. According to the Stiftung Warentest is the but not all: Many lip balms contain harmful ingredients, called mineral oils. The hydrocarbons, short – MOAH (“Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons”) and MOSH (“Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons”), are suspected to be a carcinogenic and mutagenic effect on our body to have. The consumer portal recommends only lip balms from natural cosmetics – these products can, in principle, no mineral oil may be used.

These lip balms are recommended according to the Stiftung Warentest for example:

Seasonal lip care: it is

Since sensitive lips to heat and cold alike respond should the care of the seasonal conditions can be adapted to Use in the summer, a lip balm with UV-protection (at least SPF 20) – it protects the skin from the sun’s rays and prevents them from drying out. In the Winter , however, you should use a lip balm or a lip balm for dry lips, the sensitive skin from the cold.

Another tip: If you not only to dry the lips tend to be, but more often Herpes get, you can use a Manuka-balm use. He cares for and protects delicate skin.

Five practical tips for proper lip care

If your lips are dry to the touch, moisten them with your tongue by the saliva, which on the surface evaporates, your lips even drier!

Remove dead skin cells with a gentle lip scrub , but only a maximum of twice per week. Alternatively, a soft toothbrush is suitable.

So-called lip masks that can help your lips to maintain and repair. Depending on the manufacturer, it must 15 minutes or allowed to sit overnight.

The best home remedy for dry lips

When it comes to the regular lip balm, there are also a variety of practical home remedies that provide your lips with moisture and help prevent drying out protect, such as:

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