Milk tooth caries: What is the best therapy?

Cavities active, is the most effective method to spare children pain and infections. A new study from England shows that Even if a child already has tooth decay, is the drill not necessarily the best method to combat.

Over three years, three different treatment options for tooth decay in milk teeth compared with each other. It showed that conventional fillings, caries sealing and the sole application of prevention measures in place, to the same results: Regardless of the type of dental treatment received 450 children with visible caries in primary teeth, they were equally subject to decay and pain.

Tooth decay prevent with fluoride toothpaste

Professor Nicola Innes from the Department of pediatric dentistry at the University of Dundee said: "There is a high probability that tooth pain and Abscesses occur, regardless of how the dentist with tooth decay deal is. From our study it is not clear that the best way to treat caries is to you auszubohren or seal, but to prevent them."

Professor Gail Douglas from the Institute for public dental health at the University of Leeds added: "All the children in our study were selected to participate because you have already had caries. If the children have caries, there is, unfortunately, in spite of a lot of care and collaboration of the dental practitioner is the possibility that this leads to further problems." To avoid tooth decay, he recommends brushing the teeth with fluoride toothpaste, avoid sugary drinks between meals, as well as regular visits to the dentist.