People Are Defending Why They Hate Cuddling After Sex

A day later, the thread had thousands of comments, with countless people explaining why they opt out of a cuddle session after a sex session.

FYI, nearly all of the responses came from individuals in couples who are dating, married, or really like one another. We didn’t see any comments that spoke to drunken one-night stands, where after finishing, you immediately regret everything you’ve done and want the person to get the hell out of your apartment.

That said, the most upvoted comments had to do with the need to pee after sex—not just because the urge to urinate is strong following intercourse, but because some folks with vaginas want to lower their risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).

“I need to pee or I will get a UTI,” one Redditor commented.

Another woman wrote that she used to be able to cuddle after sex, “Then more than one UTI that kept me up at night and required ER visits changed the priority from canoodling to making a beeline to the toilet.”

“I cuddle for a few mins, then visit the urination station, then resume cuddling,” said another person.

Then, of course, there’s the mess that comes with all the fluids released during sex, from sweat to semen to everything else.

“Usually, there is a mess of semen that I would prefer not get all over my sheets or whatever other surface we have been banging on,” one person commented.

“Right after? Nah,” another person wrote. “Gotta clean up first. Take care of the wet spot, rinse off and the shower and I dunno who needs to hear this but: seriously you should pee after sex.” Only after all that, the Redditor says, “It’s cuddle time.”

“Too many bodily fluids involved in sex. We usually shower after,” replied another individual.

Some folks just get ravenous after sex and need to satiate their hunger immediately after boning. “Sex makes me hungry,” someone commented. “Need to go make an omelette.”

Another commenter added, “Same. Both the wife and I catch our breath, use the bathroom, then it’s into the kitchen to make some eggs, or a sandwich, or to demolish some leftovers, or whatever.’

Last but not least, there are temperatures issues after sex, with some folks reporting that they are way too hot to cuddle.

“I get too hot so I need a few to cool down,” one commenter wrote.

“Yup and sweaty, and hair starts sticking to bodies,” added another.

“Ya Australian summer is a killer of cuddle time,” another agreed.

Or as one Redditor said rather boldly, “Because it’s fucking hot as balls and we’re both more sweaty than a priest in a playground.”

Weirdly enough, some people get really cold after sex and need heavy duty blankets to warm up.

“She goes ice-cold,” one man wrote. “Like as soon as she climaxes, her body temperature drops like she just died or something, and she doesn’t warm up no matter how many blankets I burrito her in.”

One Redditor noted that there’s something called Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome, which may cause someone to get really cold. “It’s an actual issue,” he wrote.

One woman really summed it all perfectly when she wrote: “He’s sweaty, I’m cold, there’s lube on us and he is leaking out of me. I want a shower.”

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health US. 

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