Recover, but not healthy: The long Suffering of some of the Covid-19-patients

Jenny Judge the disease in March started with a fever, cough, headache and shortness of breath. However, according to these typical symptoms, the forums had not survived of a psychiatrist from London Covid-19 for a long time. It new were added in waves, always: heart palpitations, skin toes, rash, auditory hallucinations and the so-called Covid -. “Just digestive problems are on this,” says the 48-Year-old – on the day on 111 for your suffering-the Odyssey.

Eat with a side effect

An elderly woman has elevated liver function tests. It is located on the red wine? No, the rice is to blame

More than 13 million people worldwide have been infected with the Coronavirus, which is half of the Diseased is considered cured. However, some of the Patients still suffer after weeks or even months to the consequences of the infection.

Long ago, scientists to try the phenomenon with studies and data to substantiate. According to a study in 143 patients who were treated in Italy in the hospital, suffered 87 percent of them even 60 days after the onset of the Disease is still at least one Symptom. Most commonly fatigue (53 percent), shortness of breath (43%), joint pain (27 percent) and chest pain (22 percent) had been called. Out of ten patients, only slightly more than one Person was in the cut, to be free of any complaints. The study was published in the journal “Jama”.

For another study of the US health authority 350 people were interviewed two to three weeks after the positive Corona Test. 60 percent of hospital-treated patients not reported to be healthy. In the case of the sick, the auskurierten home, didn’t feel a third is still healthy.

A lack of understanding by the employer

Many suffer not only the physical ailments, but also under the incomprehension, with the Doctors and the employer, in view of the persistent symptoms are often facing. “These people feel really let down,” says Tim Spector, Professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College, London, and Initiator of a large-scale study of the symptoms of Covid-19.

Research Covid-19

"Possibly Sars-CoV-2 also to damage to other organs führen&#034 could be;

“Many suffer from a debilitating fatigue,” he says. Spector identified 19 disease symptoms. Up to ten percent of the patients showed 30 days after the onset still disease signs. Keeps the doctor Covid-19 for “stranger still” as a rare auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, which Express themselves also in a variety of ways.

Long-time-Corona-patients have formed Online networks to self-help groups. Many reports of a lack of understanding of the Doctors, especially if they could be diseased at the beginning of the epidemic, and has not been tested. You can show that your complaints have anything at all to do with the Coronavirus to. Jenny Judge, which is itself a Physician, met with a skepticism. A doctor suspected Fears and not the Corona-infection as a cause of your heart rhythm disorders.

“It was scary”

The more patients over the long-lasting reports at the end of the symptoms, the easier it is for the Concerned to be heard. Paul Garner, Professor of infectious diseases at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, writes in his Blog is not frustrated by the fact that the infection is in him, after more than three months past – although always two weeks duration of the disease, the speech was.

It is still unclear whether the Virus itself causes such protracted courses of the disease or whether it is an excessive response of the body to the pathogen immune. According to Spector, some long-time patients are still traces of the Virus detectable. If you are also still contagious, but it is unclear.

Garner had tingled a terrible headache and shortness of breath, his limbs and once he thought he would lose consciousness: “I thought I would die, it was scary,” he writes. The worst had been the confusion and mood swings, says the 64-Year-old, previously healthy. Now, after almost 100 days, he’s gradually better.

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