RKI-chief speaks of the optimism measures must be adhered to nevertheless

O-Ton Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch-Institute: “it is Really important that all people understand that it is a serious medical condition. And it is good that we are seeing a Trend in Germany that this is also the case. Because associated with this, is that really more precautions to be taken, or measures, that can be arranged, also to be held. Well, my optimism is of course still there. And I think it is well-founded. We will look at the Numbers. Let’s wait until we have a really solid Figures. And that is, I assume that we will see until Easter, as is the Trend. But that has to do with my optimism actually nothing. The is well-founded, and I assume that he will also be objectively justified, Easter. The so-called FFP2 masks, i.e. masks, which prevent really viruses. The masks, which must, of course, above all, the staff, the medical staff and the nursing staff that cares for sick people, to protect themselves from infection. This is quite clear, and that is in the foreground. And because masks need to be used. The mouth – nose protection is used – and also the knowledge of the mouth – nose protection serves the protection of others from infection. So if someone is infected, then it is clear that a mouth – nose protection that if one coughs or sneezes, the droplets may not fly as far, figuratively speaking. And then it protects the Opposite. This is useful, and we recommend that since the beginning. And this is what we recommend, of course, continue. A self-made mouth-nose protection holds back, of course, droplet infection, back droplets when one sneezes and coughs. In this respect, it is for the protection of other safe of relevance.”