Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Relationship Made Them Enemies

We know all the drama and excitement that revolves around the Kardashian-Jenner girls. But did you know the men of the family too have had some issues of their own that were spread all across social media? Rob Kardashian has had some ups and down in his relationships and when they all ended, it wasn’t so nice. So many times, Rob had to seek counseling after his breakups and though he got over some quickly, others took him over a year.   

One of his most recent breakups may be deemed the most tragic for the socialite – with Blac Chyna. The end was so bitter for Rob and of course his whole family that got involved. The relationship was very much toxic from all the publicity it got as well as the strife that was between his family and Chyna.   

Just imagine the complications of having your girlfriend’s ex, dating your younger sister? Strange we know! However, the family and the star decided to break their anger and mended for the sake of happiness. Yeah, it did the trick as three months later they got engaged – maybe to a happy ever after? Hold your breaks there!

Birth Of Their Daughter

Shortly after the little celebration, Dream, their daughter was born. The happiness was never to be long-lived as a few weeks later they made it public that their engagement would be broken off. This was hard for the already depressed Rob who took the separation to heart.

Social Media Ranting

The pettiness got to the extreme when the Kardashian brother decided to leak a few explicit of his ex. He noted he did this to show the world that she was at fault for the fall of their love life. However, Chyna was not too pleased and ended up blaming Rob for the whole fiasco. Well, if you ask us it doesn’t seem like the drama will end anytime soon as in 2017, Blac Chyna was sued by the socialite for an assault! Now that’s a lot!

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