Shaving, waxing or epilating: What is better?

Smooth legs, stubble-free underarms, smooth skin: with the right hair removal method no Problem. But which method is the best? FOCUS Online shows the pros and cons of Shaving, waxing or Epilating in the Overview.

Whether on the legs, under the arms or in the Bikini area: There are many ways to remove unwanted hair. Particularly popular are Shaving, waxing and Epilation are. Each method has its own advantages, but brings also a disadvantage.

The classics: Shaving

Shaving is the most common hair removal method, wherein the majority of the people in the wet shaving give preference to. This is mostly thorough, but the dry shave is usually skin-friendly.

  • Body hair removal: pubic area shaving


  • The hair removal is done quickly and easily.
  • The costs are in comparison to other hair removal methods is very low.
  • The shave is pain free, if you are cutting.
  • The method is – particularly with a wet shaver – very thoroughly: The more Blades the razor has, the smoother the skin is.


  • The hair is only removed above the root so they grow back quickly stubby, which is why they (almost) every day shaving.
  • It can occur especially with sensitive skin ingrown hair.
  • There is a danger that you might cut yourself on the blade is.

For pain-free hair removal with wax

Also in the case of hair removal with wax, there are several possibilities: Either you remove your hair with cold wax strips or warm wax. You get both in drugstores, and can apply it yourself at home.

However, wax is a visit to a professional cosmetic Studio is recommended, especially in warm, because in case of incorrect use, the risk of burns to the skin.

  • Body hair removal: pubic area grow


  • Hair removal with wax is very thorough, and both large and small areas very well applicable.
  • Since the hair is removed with its root, you have two to four weeks of smooth skin before the hair will start to grow.


  • No matter whether it is Cold or hot wax: The method is not completely pain free, because the hairs are removed while you are removing the wax, including the root. Therefore, the treatment is particularly painful the first Time, what is however, more frequent application much pain-free.
  • If you can get your hair done at a beauty salon, with wax to remove, this is not cheap: you have to pay for the treatment on the legs, according to the Studio about 30 €.
  • Also Grow, it can lead to ingrown hairs; this circumstance can be prevented with regular scrubs.

Epilation: electrical hair removal for home use

The Epilation with a special device is a popular method to remove unwanted hair. Here you go with an electric epilator on the corresponding areas of the skin like a razor. The device is removed, such as when to Grow the hair, including the root.

  • Body hair removal: pubic area epilation


  • How to Grow you also have when you Epilate for about two to four weeks of smooth skin.
  • A good epilator will get you about 30 €. This allows you to use over a long period of time, which is why the Epilating on the year to a fairly cheap method.


  • By the hair removal with the root of the Epilating is not completely pain-free. However, also here applies: The more often you apply the method, the less pain you feel.
  • When Epilating may result to ingrown hairs.

Which method is Right for me?

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and suitable for various claims.

If you like it uncomplicated and little money to spend for hair removal, is Shaving a good Option for you.

You have no desire to deal every day with regrowing hair, and they are quite free of pain, then waxing or Epilating for you.

Who is willing to spend a little more money, it’s best to once in a month to a professional and the unwanted hair with wax remove. You want to spend less money and to perform Epilation themselves at home, to create a pivoting device.