Spahn expects restrictions over many months

At a respectful distance to employees and journalists, Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, has given hopes for an early easing of the restrictions of public life, a rejection. It’ll be more likely to go a lot of months so as many weeks, said Spahn on Thursday. “It is also agreed with the Prime Minister, that after Easter, in the week, we look together to see where we are and how we deal with the measures taken, the measures adopted then continue to deal with it.” “Even if we come eventually to a decision of certain measures in a piece of loosen, it will, without a doubt, in any case, continue to special protection measures and concepts need for the Elderly, for which we have to protect the elderly, for the patient, but also for those with pre-existing conditions, but it is particularly against this Virus. The Virus is there, it remains there, and now it is about to slow its spread.” Spahn announced a program for the maintenance in Germany, to relieve the services of the bureaucracy, and to ensure the support in these times.