Spahn wants to ban “therapies” against homosexuality

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) is planning to ban so-called conversion therapies for homosexuality. “Homosexuality is not a disease, and therefore it is also not therapy in need,” said Spahn, the “taz”. Together with the Federal Ministry of justice, he will work until the end of summer a proposal for a Prohibition.

So-called conversion therapies keep track of the supposed goal, to make Gays and lesbians heterosexual. “I don’t believe in these therapies, because of my own gay one,” said Spahn. “I always say: The love of God will have a plan.”

The Minister now wants to first examine how other countries with “conversion therapies” work around. Then it should be clarified how exactly the legal regulation in Germany.

To punish providers with fines for an administrative offense keeps Spahn for “not overly daunting”. Instead, it should be declared a “social right that there should be no compensation for those services”. For the criminal law was “still questionable, what sentence is appropriate”.

“To destroy the self-image”

For his ban projects Spahn believes in the support of his colleagues in the group: “I can’t imagine that there are in the Union faction in the Bundestag, a follower of conversion therapies,” he told the “taz”.

In the past, the health Minister had delayed the issue. In the case of a online hour question in August about Spahn stated that he does not think that, in principle, nothing of “conversion therapies” – but don’t know how to ban you.

Today in Germany there are Doctors, therapists and preachers who want homosexuals to re-educate. Such offers can destroy life. To strengthen “instead of the patient in his or her homosexual identity, you destroy his self-image,” said Lieselotte Mahler, a senior physician at the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy of the Charité, in an interview with the mirror (read more about it here at MIRROR PLUS).

Malta is the only European country that has banned the pseudo-therapies completely. There is a year in prison for violations up to. In addition, the practices are prohibited in some regions of Spain, in the USA, more and more States forbid year old therapies, at least for minors.