Star-Doctor explains why she drinks almost no milk more

Coffee with milk, muesli with milk and a SIP of the tea: The white liquid that was originally to serve for the nutrition of small calves, is an indispensable part of the lives of many. Doctor Yael Adler advises against but urgent of excessive consumption: he might even be harmful.

“Since I know the study location, I reduce the milk significantly,” says Dermatologist and best-selling author Yael Adler in an interview with FOCUS Online. You omitted where it goes. The only coffee she drinks with milk.

As a skin doctor deals with the subject of milk, especially in conjunction with acne. This also referred to as a “disease of Civilization, the milk-in-crowds-and-Latte-Macchiato-Generation”.

Because between acne and milk, a secure connection was: “milk enlarges the sebaceous glands, which is a major trigger for acne. Enlarged sebaceous glands, proliferation of bacteria and increased keratinization in the Pore leading to blackheads and whiteheads that become inflamed and then“.

Risk of ignition increases and this increases the risk of Diabetes and dementia

Milk is beneficial in addition, inflammation in the body. And inflammation risk is also the risk for Diabetes and dementia increases. “Perhaps even cancer, at least for prostate cancer,” explains the Doctor. Because milk have a biological mandate: it includes signal systems, the boost after the birth of the growth. For babies and children that is exactly right.

For adults this could be dangerous: your growth is already completed. Therefore, large quantities of milk for adults is harmful. Milk stimulates the hormone “insulin-like growth factor 1”, and short IGF1. It cell growth promotes the tumor cells. Reuters/Thomas these migrants established several cultural Yael Adler works as a specialist doctor for dermatology in Berlin.

Milk contains Genboten for calves – they also act in people

In fresh milk in growth-promoting amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine, on the other hand, but also a Genbote, the growth are on the one hand, information from the cow to your calves more. These so-called Micro-RNAs regulate and affect Gene – the of people.

With it, a man takes about 245 bovine messengers, can have an effect on about 11,000 human genes. This Manipulation could lead to excessive tissue growth and, therefore, not only the cancer and diabetes risk increase, but also lead to Obesity and accelerate the aging process. This also applies to pasteurized milk.

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There are also positive effects – but there are Alternatives

For some, the milk contained substances, there are also studies that demonstrate positive effects on human health. According to which milk is a good calcium and Protein, and could possibly even protect against colon cancer.

“These effects you get from dairy products”, therefore, the Doctor advises dear to fermented milk products such as yogurt or cheese. “Ideally, you rely on dairy products, live cultures, such as Kefir or Greek yogurt. Because the also support the intestines“.

In General, you does not advise adults to drink more than 200 Milliliter of milk per day. Children could take up to 500 milliliters. The upper limits could not exactly define. “The professional world is agreed that in the case of an adult from one Liter per day of a drug Overdose, it is conceivable”.