The Central Park is to the field hospital: the star Reporter, reported on the Corona, located in New York

Central Park in New York: In the heart of the city, another field hospital opened today with a total of 68 beds. Here Covid should be-19 patients treated, the underlying Hospital, the Mount Sinai Hospital, no place. It is, therefore, to create relief. It is one of several field’s hospital in this city. One is already created in the Convention centre with 1000 beds. More are expected to emerge on a trotting course, a cruise terminal and on a University Campus.

The city and the state need to come to 150 000 beds, so far, there are 50 000. This is 50 000 should have been increased already to 75000. But there are very many beds are missing just yet. For the peak of the crisis, is expected in seven to 21 days, said Governor Andrew Cuomo today. Exactly, you could not say that. But you want to be prepared for this climax.

The most recent Figures from New York are frightening. In the state of New York alone, more Deaths than in the whole of Germany, and the tendency is rising. Similarly alarming Figures for the country as a whole. The White house – the task force in the White house expected that it could be around 200 000 Dead. You do not want to commit himself at all. But this is also the Background for the decision of the President, the country once shut down.

Some interesting Details: This field is the hospital behind me, erected by a Christian organization, a radical organization that, among other things, the gay marriage advocates. This is unusual for such a liberal city like New York. But in these times, perhaps more radical Christians to work together with the Jewish organization with the Mount Sinai Hospital.

An interesting Detail: I have spoken recently on the sixteenth floor of this hospital, what you see behind me, with some of the leading scientists of the country, with the Top-Emologen, sitting on the vaccine against this Coronavirus. And only a few floors died, including recently, a 48-year-old male nurse, because he was not equipped well enough, so his colleagues say.

So top scientists were able to protect the top 250 in number, belonging to the Best, and a few floors down, so the colleagues say, in any case, these nurses and other sufficient. The Problem is now fixed, says the Hospital. You may have seen the photos of nurses that you have posted yourself. You don’t show yourself with garbage bags that you have tied around the body, because there is not enough equipment, not enough ventilators, not enough face masks and also not enough coat.