The Filter in the blood vessels and protect against stroke

Patients with a high risk for stroke are treated seizures, usually with blood thinners. Since this is not for some of the patients in question, have doctors developed special filters that are used in the carotid arteries. Here you can catch blood clots before they cause brain damage. That these filters actually work, has now been confirmed in a study.

In 25 patients with an average age of 71 years, the Filter should be implanted in both carotid arteries, which was held with 23 people also smoothly. A Patient could only receive on one side a Filter, because the carotid artery was narrowed on the other side, and in another patient, the sonographic point of view during the Operation, too bad. 47 this Filter were used. Except for a slight discomfort due to the Operation were found in the patients, no side effects. Within a period of six months were found in four patients, a total of six blood clots in the Filter, of which at least three with great certainty from the blood "eingefangen" had been. All the clots were due to Heparin to dissolve.

People with atrial fibrillation, a type of heart rhythm disorder, have a particularly high risk for strokes that are mostly caused by blood clots from a diameter of 1.5 mm. The intake of blood thinners reduces the risk at two to four percent, but some patients cannot take these drugs. Therefore, filters have been developed that can be used in the carotid artery, and blood clots of a size of 1.4 millimeters in diameter, to intercept. Previously, it had been demonstrated that the Filter does not trigger thrombosis, the blood vessels do not close and mechanically stable.