These four things help protect against gout

A BMI in the normal range, a healthy diet, little alcohol and careful use of drugs to drainage, the number of gout diseases could be significantly lower. This shows a new study in the journal "Arthritis & Rheumatology" appeared.

Four modifiable risk factors, researchers from Boston found in their observational study, the acid high urea concentrations in the blood and thus to the emergence of gout help: a BMI over 25, high alcohol consumption, a diet high in meat, salt and sugar, as well as drugs for the drainage.

Dr. Hyon K. Choi of Harvard Medical School and colleagues came to the conclusion that each of the four risk factors with the level of uric acid in a dose-dependent connection. The risk of too much uric acid in the blood was in the case of obesity is 44 percent, 9 percent and a diet high in meat, salt and sugar, 8 percent in the case of an increased consumption of alcohol and 12 per cent for the taking of dewatering drugs (diuretics). "This strongly supports the idea that much of the elevated level of uric acid and consequent gout cases in the United States due to a change in the main risk factors could be prevented,” says Choi.

The results of the study, patients with an increased risk for gout &ndash to; for example, people with gout in the family – encourage to reduce their risk by weight control, healthy diet and reduction of alcohol consumption. “The changes also bring the circulatory System advantages ", Choi said. The majority of patients who already suffer from seizures, frequent Gout, however, require, in addition to the elimination of these risk factors, medications to lower the uric acid levels.