What stress makes with our body

Many people feel chronically stressed. What this means for health and what can help against prolonged Stress, explains Professor Dr. Jörg Bojunga from the University hospital of Frankfurt am Main and Vice-President of the German society for endocrinology.

What happens in the Köthe body, when we are under Stress?

Bojunga: The stress response is a natural reaction to danger. Via activation of the chain stress are set hormones, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. These cause the body energy, you sweat, muscles tense, blood pressure and blood sugar rise, the pain is set to feel down. In principle, an archaic fight or flight response, which is still immensely important. Because it puts us in the position to provide maximum performance. Problems arise if the condition persists.

What is the impact of the für have the health?

Bojunga: The effects of prolonged Stress are many and varied. Very often it comes, for example, to sleep disorders. A poor diet, alcohol consumption, withdrawal from social activities, watching television for long hours to depression are other possible consequences. In many cases, the love life suffers. The body drives the sex hormones and the Libido decreases. For some women it comes to cycle disturbances, in men to erection problems. In addition, duration of stress as a risk factor for chronic diseases such as hypertension or Diabetes. A high Cortisol level can increase the blood sugar level and also affects the immune system. Pain are in pain are often signs of Stress Overload, although women are more prone to headaches, to back men.

Stress shows on the blood picture?

Bojunga: no, blood tests do not give reliable information. Adrenaline, for example, has a very short half-life, so that you can’t measure it meaningfully. And also the cortisol value is not says a lot. A blood test does not replace a detailed conversation with the doctor about the personal life situation.

What can you do to counteract this?

Bojunga: There are various individual solution strategies to deal with Stress. For some, Yoga, breathing exercises or Progressive muscle relaxation are Right, other sports, other, Hiking, making music, or love to cook. In principle, it is always important to take the room for time-outs and down. Stress management also means, however, to gain the confidence that you can cope with his everyday life. What can I expect of me? What conflicts can I remove and what must I accept? Mental toughness or resilience can also be used with children and young people train.

How it looks with sedatives or vegetable PräPat from?

Bojunga: a Lot of stress, which are supplied from the outside, have a certain potential for Abuse. This does not apply to classic Beruhigungstees or Valerian, but, for example, for synthetic tranquilizers or sleeping pills. These are not suitable for coping with stress permanently. In short: If I can’t change my Situation, then tablets will change nothing.

Thank you for the interview.

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