Wild game meat: it’s Better cooked than pink

Venison is low in fat and is eaten as a delicacy. Often Wild game prepared in the Form of raw sausages or half raw with a pink core. This is not recommended, because in the flesh pathogenic parasites can get stuck. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR).

The meat of free-living wild animals is in principle healthy. However, it can contain pathogens, so good Hygiene in the kitchen and cooking is the preparation important. Most people eat just wild game meat, so that the risk of Transmission is overall low. If the meat is not prepared hygienically and properly, can cause the parasites to diseases in humans.

In the last years the consumption has increased from raw meat products from Wild game. Also, the meat is served more frequently, with a pink core. BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel says: "Wild meat and derived raw meat products like raw Sausages should be consumed by pregnant women, and persons with a weakened immune system is just fully cooked through. Well cooked meat is wild a healthy meal!"

Pathogens can be transmitted not only to the consumption of raw meat, but also during the Processing of raw wild game meat to other foods. Good kitchen hygiene during the preparation, therefore, is for the carefree enjoyment is essential.


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